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The Healing Powers of Ze'ev Kolman A True Story

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About Ze’ev Kolman
Ze’ev (spoken Zev) Kolman is a bio-energetic healer, he possesses the ability to transfer an enormous amount of electromagnetic energy to a patient who is inflicted with a disease to create or activate a healing process.  He has astounded the medical community with documented healings that include eliminating cancer from a person that was given little time or hope for survival.  Whether by being in Ze’ev’s office or half way around the world you can use the energy that Ze’ev has to offer for the purposes of healing and peace.

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Bioenergetics is the application of biological energy for practical constructive purposes.

Ze’ev Kolman’s bioenergetic healing works at the level of the subtle bodies to cause a healing to take place from the most primary level of a disease’s origins. The body and its components all run on energy. They can be seen by the sensitive trained eye as an aura.

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Ze’ev Kolman Is Taking Healing To Another Level

Is distance, illness or a busy schedule keeping you from having a Bio-Energy Healing session? For ease & convenience Remote Healing Sessions appointments are now available.

When the body is at rest, the charkas open up, allowing the frequency of healing energy sent from my being to be transferred to the body. Distance healing is thus the transmission of healing energy performed when one is asleep or resting.

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