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During a stint in the Israeli army, Kolman had an experience on a mountain top in the desert that changed the course and purpose of his life. He had what is now generally recognized as a very deep spiritual experience or awakening which resulted in a miraculous transformation. Gradually, the simple businessman realized he had acquired healing powers as a result of that experience.


At first, Ze’ev was reluctant to accept his new abilities. But word of mouth brought many persons to his door, people who had all sorts of ailments and diseases. Eventually he realized that his powers really worked.



Ze’ev decided to abandon his ordinary pursuits to devote himself entirely and professionally to healing all who seek his assistance.


Kolman’s form of healing is called bioenergetics. The healer is able to harness the energy from the universe and transmit this energy into the body of a client via the energy aura. Often this produces beneficial results, and numerous cases have been thoroughly documented. People from all walks of life have consulted him, and many have been healed of illnesses conventional medicine has failed to correct.


Ze’ev’s hobbies include painting, photography, and writing poetry. He lives and offers healing sessions primarily in New York City, but travels all over the world.


zevatseaResearchers come from near and far to study Mr. Kolman. His clients include many prominent persons in the public eye – world leaders, politicians, royalty, celebrities – as well as ordinary persons. People go to Ze’ev because he gets results.¬†Despite these successes, Ze’ev remains humble and approachable, joyfully delighted with every healing that occurs.


Ze’ev Kolman’s mission in life is to help people restore their health and well-being. He gives regular workshops, seminars, and classes in the healing arts open to the public. These are wonderful opportunities to meet this remarkable healer face-to-face.