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Bioenergetics explained

Bioenergetics is the application of biological energy for practical constructive purposes.


painting-by-zeevZe’ev Kolman’s bioenergetic healing works at the level of the subtle bodies to cause a healing to take place from the most primary level of a disease’s origins. The body and its components all run on energy. The subtle bodies are various levels of energy that pervade and surround the physical body. They can be seen by the sensitive trained eye as an aura around the body.


Bioenergy moves through the body in definite channels, most of which parallel the paths of the nervous system. This energy has been observed and described by many cultures. The East Indians call the energy prana and the channels a nadis; the Chinese call the energy chi and the channels meridians.

There are seven major energy centers in the body, called chakras, corresponding approximately to the major endocrine glands. They act as communication areas between the physical and subtle bodies, transformers that mediate between the natural frequencies of the different energy levels. There are also numerous minor chakras throughout the various bodily surfaces.


Patterns of well-being and illness are duplicated in the body and aura. As a general rule, a clear unbroken aura with bright colors corresponds to a healthy balanced state; a muddy uneven aura indicates a disease. The aura changes continually, depending on mental activity and emotions, but there is an overall appearance characterizing the health of an individual.Conventional medicine is directed at treating the body. When the body improves, this is reflected in the aura. Bioenergetic healing is aimed at correcting the aura . When this happens, the balanced healthful condition is reflected both in the body and emotions.


Ze’ev, fortunately, can see and adjust the energy in the aura and chakras. He possesses a remarkable talent. He is able to use his will to collect bioenergy, which is plentiful in the universe, and transmit this vital force to others through the aura. This often fixes problems in the body’s energy structure, possibly before they manifest in the physical.



Ze’ev looks closely at the client’s aura seeking any absence or weakness in the energy field. He rarely touches the patient but rather projects bioenergy from about two feet away while remaining in a semi-trance state. Energy is emitted from his open palms in broad movements over the body. Fresh energy is poured into the areas of the aura that need it to restore the field to a strong equalized state. The physical body absorbs the energy and, as a consequence, is healed. The client usually feels little pinpricks of energy as Ze’ev passes his hands over his or her body. This is a sign that the body is receiving needed energy. It is a fascinating experience.


People come to Ze’ev with diverse disorders, both acute and chronic, including heart conditions, cancer, arthritis, traumatic injuries, and pain. Ze’ev can not heal everyone. People are helped to different degrees, depending on their ability to absorb and assimilate the energy he transmits through the aura. But many of his clients are dramatically improved . This has been attested to by numerous persons though the years and has been medically documented many times.

Ze’ev promises to do all he can to heal everyone who comes to him for help.