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Distance healing (Also Called Remote Healing)

Ze’ev Kolman is taking healing to another level…
Bio-Energy Healing through telecommunication.


Distance HealingIs distance, illness or a busy schedule keeping you from having a private Bio-Energy Healing session? For ease and convenience Remote Healing Sessions appointments are now being introduced.


Remote Healing sessions available for: chronic illnesses, immune system disorders, migraine headaches, allergies, physical stress, psychological trauma, chronic pain and treatments for smoking and over-eating.


To perform the distant healing, the following are necessary:

•A recent, close-up photo of you alone

•Your date of birth, including the year

•The full address of where you will be during the healing

•The direction in which your head will point when you will be receiving the distant healing – east, west, north, or south?

•Where on your body you like me to concentrate

•phone number and reason for appointment.



What happens during distance healing?

When the body is at rest, the charkas open up, allowing the frequency of healing energy sent from my being to be transferred to the body. Distance healing is thus the transmission of healing energy performed when one is asleep meditate or resting.


To whom it is recommended?

Distance is recommended for all. It doesn’t make any different if the person is personally present with Ze’ev or located anywhere else on the plane. Distance healing is very strong, like a private session. In some cases, it is even more effective because the body is in a resting state.


What do you feel during a session?

Most people feel some sort of sensation, and wake up when the energy touches them. Some experience no physical sensation whatsoever. If they might awaken, I ask them to be in a meditative state. The remaining people sleep more deeply. I’ve helped so many people from far away. Some are more open to accepting the energy and some people are less open. It is always a dialog of a healing energy. 


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