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Excerpts from actual testimonials about Ze’ev Kolman. Other than celebrities and professionals,full names are not published here to preserve clients’ privacy. Original letters are on file in Ze’ev’s office. More healings are documented in Ze’ev’s book.

My 9/11 Story by Jerry Mittelman, DDS, FAPM

Bev and I have always been health-conscious. We climb 22 stories in our high-rise building every other day – eat well nutritionally – and also take supplements. We’re involved in meditative practice. We try to be ‘well.’ When the Twin Towers came down, all sorts of toxic chemicals were released from computers, fluorescent lights, insides of technical equipment, etc. Not only were they toxic themselves, but when mixed with each other, there were a disastrous threat to health. It’s been said that much of the danger was covered up and/or minimized by the authorities. They didn’t want to alarm people.


A few evenings after the attack, a summer breeze carried a stench all the way uptown – the cremation smell of bodies and those of toxic chemicals. I got a dose of it. It wasn’t long after that I had a foggy headache, rapid pulse, a low grade fever, and disabling weakness. I was really out of sorts both physically and mentally – actually scared because of the loss of control of myself. My condition frightened Bev – I saw it. The liver is responsible for detoxifying one’s body, and my physician found, indeed, that my liver was involved. I couldn’t eat more than a spoonful of food at a time, despite medical attention. That, alone worried Bev all the more! I grew weaker and foggier. The rapid heart beat continued as did the fever. After 2 weeks of this, I called Ze’ev Kolman – told him I was too weak to get to his office and asked if he could give me a Distant Healing. He said, “Yes!” – told me that it would happen that night at 11 PM. It did!


The next morning I bounced out of bed and ate ravenously. My head was clear. My strength returned. My pulse was normal – my fever gone. I knew I was well because Bev was laughing with delight!


Thanks to Ze’ev!

Jerry Mittelman, DDS, FAPM


More Testimonialshorz-rule


“An exceptionally gifted and loving person devoted to healing the body, mind, and soul.”

– Carly Simon


 “I can say that he gave me a treatment and I did feel the warmth and healing power that was in his hands as he ran them closer by me.”

– Claibourne Pell, US Senator


“After ten minutes on Ze’ev Kolman’s treatment table… a kind of healing force permeated my body.I felt the power of his energy. A day later, when my orthopedist examined me, he said I could discard the crutches permanently. The broken bone had healed remarkably fast.”

– Dr. Barbara Solomon


“A session with Kolman left me with a great feeling of well-being.”

– Eugene Linden, TIME Magazine


“I found Mr. Kolman’s treatments were of great benefit. I experienced a significant increase in my energy level and in my general well-being. I have referred a number of people to Mr. Kolman and am therefore a personal witness of several healings.”
– Prince Alfred von Liechtenstein


“I am very much impressed with[Ze’ev Kolman’s] abilities as a healer. All my experiences with him have been absolutely positive – and I am so happy to have him in my life.”
– Robert Wagner


“Ze’ev has successfully treated chronic pain syndromes and caused recession of tumors.”
– Enrique J. Tuescher, M.D.


“[Your] generous gesture led to Miss T. C. going to New York. After several treatments [for multiple sclerosis], the numbness in this young lady’s scalp and face totally disappeared. This was a dramatic improvement in symptoms. I, obviously, as a physician, cannot explain the improvement. To the moment, she remains without any further facial or scalp numbness.”
– Julio C. Pita, Jr., M.D .