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How To See The Aura

How To See The Aura, The Visible Part Of The Energy Body.


chakras1. Relax

Sit quietly for a couple of minutes. Still the mind.


2. See The Aura From Your Fingers

Hold your hands in front of you, fingertips touching. Very slowly, move the hands apart an inch or two. You should be able to see the aura between the fingertips.


3. See The Aura From The Head

With a neutral background, look at the area around a person’s head. Look around your head in a mirror. Look around the head and body of a pet. What movement and colors do you see?


4. See The Energy Between Your Hands

Look at the balloon of energy you created in the healing exercise above. If you can feel it, you can see it. Take your time.


5. Practice

Practice seeing the aura around other people and around animals. It can be very revealing.


Remember, the aura changes with the mental activity, emotions, and health of a person. Seeing the aura can be an important adjunct to healing and balancing. Ze’ev gives a workshop on seeing the aura. His energy helps you to acquire the facility.