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Negativity is not a requirement, just a state of mind.  

 Simply put, it is the demon in our heads, that latent negativity that comes out of nowhere that can cause great destruction.  

The most important thing to remember is the negative thought is not yours, just something passing by, testing you, seeing if you are interested…  You are much more powerful than a passing thought and you decide whether it lives or dies.  

If you can simply watch the negative thought or emotion go by without attaching to it, you are closer to being a healer of yourself and others.  

Everyone has negative emotions, it is how you deal with them that is critical to our health, vitality and survival.

 Attaching to or getting swept up in a negative thought will lead to more of the same negativity.  If you make the extra effort to simply disengage for the few moments that thought is running through you head, it will dissipate, weaken and die.  However if you latch onto that thought and reprocess it again and again in your mind, you have become the killer of your own health and vitality.  

It is simple steps, very simple decisions that give the most profound outcomes.  If you attach to a negative thought, it becomes a part of you.  If you let the thought go by without judgement or attachment and stay the course of the observer, your life will be brighter and healthier with each time you repeat this process.

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To your health and vitality,

Ken Horkavy


The Mind Is The Healer The Mind Is The Killer

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