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February 2004 Edition

¬    Ze’ev Kolman’s Message.
In mid-January, I returned from Israel refreshed and happy.  Soon after I was overcome with disappointment and sorrow at the sound waves of hateful, uncivilized discourse.  As a healer and reader of auras I witnessed, at epidemic proportion, dangerous levels of negative energy filling the hearts and minds of many.
We are a society of independent thinkers free to spout criticism.  Please, for your own sake, let it be intelligent, honest, constructive criticism offered in an uplifting, respectful and meaningful manner.
Angry, mean-spirited, vulgar words written into songs and movie scripts, highlighted by many in the entertainment industry, and too often promoted by mainstream media threatens our health, jeopardizes our security, and weakens our dreams of living in a safe and peaceful world.  Such negativity seeps into our body’s cell structure.  Like a cancer, it metastasizes and destroys the basic foundation of a humane, forever-connected society.  This hatred did not begin yesterday, or even 3-years ago, and it will not cease in a heartbeat.  Just like cancer therapy, it will take time, patience, consistent dedication, positive thinking and a lot of love for us to return to a more civil society in body, mind and spirit.
It is irrelevant how, why or where the rage originated.  It is relevant to know that unrelenting fury expressed in thoughts, hateful words and actions spreads like a virus from our immediate to a global environment.  It influences our bodies—both internally and externally;  it leads to the demise of human balance and eventually contributes to early aging and an increase in physical illnesses. 
Universal good cannot be achieved through angry, inappropriate actions.  Realize that rude discourse, divisiveness, and the promoters of lies are the real enemies of our world—enemies motivated by ego and a need to control by creating imbalance and destroying peace, unity and well-being for all.  
Please include in your New Year’s resolutions the intent to reject negativity.  Turn your negative thinking into uplifting thoughts; speak positive words; exercise respect; take time to ask significant questions and to do loving deeds.  There is a spark of love in everyone—let’s try to turn it into a flame of unwavering positive energy.  From my heart to yours I send blessings and love, and I pray for a unified, peaceful, secure and shining planet beginning in two-thousand and four. 
February 20th starts a new moon for those renewing their
New Year’s resolutions or thinking of starting something new!
¬    Bio-Energetic Healing Testimony for the Month.
Mrs. Linda T. writes:  “I visited Ze’ev Kolman because I could not see out of my right eye.  My doctor said I had a stroke on my right side.  My surgeon said I would probably never be able to see clearly again out of my right eye.  But eventually the blurring was a little less and I decided to try some healing energy from Ze’ve Kolman.  After the first session everything looked brighter and my right eye began to drain small amounts of fluid.   By the third session the vision from my right eye cleared and was so much better than my left eye and my husband witnessed fluid gushing from my nose and right eye.  It felt as if it was draining from my head.  It has been a month since my first healing treatment.  My body feels stronger and the sight from my right eye is as it was before the stroke.  I am very grateful to Ze’ve Kolman for helping me and I will return for weekly healing energy sessions and for his blessing.”

¬    Telecommunication Healing.
In the comfort and convenience of your home Ze’ev Kolman transmits, via the telephone, his Bio-Energetic Healing energy.  Appointments may be scheduled weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, New York time.

   Focus of Healing.
Ze’ev Kolman is acknowledged as “one of the world’s greatest living healers on the planet today.”  The following is a brief list of some of the conditions for which he has given Bio-Energetic Healing sessions:  chronic illnesses, immune system disorders, migraine headaches, allergies, infertility; smoking, eating and psychological disorders; chronic pain and general energy-balancing “tune-ups.”  Babies, hyperactive children and pets have had a positive healing response to Ze’ev’s miraculous energy.

¬    Monthly Blessing. 
Straight from the heart, Ze’ev Kolman sends a monthly spiritual blessing.  On the same day and time each month a spiritual blessing is offered for those whose birthday occurs that month.

2109 Broadway
Suite #630
New York, NY 10023

For anyone who has a birthday in  January, on Monday, the 26th  at Midnight (New York time), remember to meditate by focusing both on your physical intention and on the healer, Ze’ev Kolman, as his healing energy is sent to you.

¬   Schedule of Events.
Visit:  www.zeevkolman.net/calendar.shtml
for a full list of upcoming events.

¬   Suggestions.
Do you have a copy of Ze’ev Kolman’s book, The Secret of Healing?
Consider adding it to your gift list for holidays, birthdays and get-well wishes…it’s permanent, unlike flowers and candy.
Order 3-books and receive a 20-percent discount.    Select now, while supplies last, the very special healing-hand-imprinted copy…with mud from the Dead Sea.  We can mail for you autographed copies with a personalized gift card.

  Questions and Editorial Comments.
Your questions and comments are encouraged.  Look for them to be acknowledged in future newsletters
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