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March 11, 2003

Ze’ev Kolman’s


Welcoming Peace
As the door of spring begins to open, and a new time is revealed, a new energy will set on the planet bringing protection and light.

By Dr. Bruce D. Oran

Osteopathic Medicine appreciates the body’s ability to heal itself.  It integrates traditional medicine, the use of drugs and surgery, with an emphasis on the connectedness of the body’s structure and function.  Disease and healing are not isolated but are related to the entire person.   For healing, we consider both the physical and spiritual.  Bio-energy is the connecting thread.

  Each of us has an “inherent cranial rhythm.”  We have a craniosacral (head continuing right down the spine) mechanism that is moving all the time.  It is related to our bio-energy.  Osteopathic physicians can focus in on this rhythmic motion and evaluate a person’s overall health.   I saw a connection between this motion and patients’ bio-energy when I started to treat people who had been treated by Ze’ev Kolman.

  The skull is made up of separate bones that move rhythmically.  The movement is independent of normal breathing or pulses.  We call it the ‘primary respiratory mechanism.’ This cranial rhythmic impulse is palpable throughout the body at the rate of 10 to 14 per minute.   It is while palpitating this impulse that the effects of Ze’ev Kolman’s bio-energy are most obvious.
  A disturbance in the ‘cranial rhythm’ mechanism can be a causing factor for previously unexplained symptoms.  Its correction might assist the body in self-regulation and healing in the face of stress and disease.  The goals of an osteopathic physician aims at releasing strains among the cranial bones with subtle, gentle adjustment – to restore a more healthful “cranial rhythm” and its related craniosacral mechanism.   I now believe that when combined with the bioenergetic ability of Ze’ev Kolman, this treatment modality might become even more powerful.

By Jerry Mittelman, DDS, FAPM

Bev, my wife and I have always been health-conscious.  We climb 22 stories in our high-rise building every other day  - and look down at all the other buildings.  

We eat well nutritionally – and also take supplements.  We are involved in meditative practice.  We try to be “well.”

When the Twin Towers came down, all sorts of toxic chemicals were released from computers, fluorescent lights, insides of technical equipment, etc.  Not only were they toxic themselves, but when mixed with each other, they were a disastrous threat to health.   It’s been said that much of the danger was covered up and/or minimized by
the authorities.  They didn’t want to alarm people.

  A few evenings after the attack, a summer breeze carried a stench all the way uptown – the cremation smell of bodies and those toxic chemicals.  I got a dose of it.  

  It wasn’t long after that I had a foggy headache, rapid pulse, a low grade fever, and disabling weakness.  I was really out of sorts both physically and mentally – actually scared because of the loss of control of myself.  My condition frightened Bev – I saw it.

  The liver is responsible for detoxifying one’s body, and my physician found that, indeed, my liver was involved.  I couldn’t eat more than a spoonful of food at a time, despite medical attention, and that alone worried Bev all the more!   I grew weaker and foggier.  The rapid heartbeat continued, as did the fever.

  After 2 weeks of this, I called Ze’ev Kolman – told him I was too weak to get to his office and asked if he could give me a Distant Healing.

  He said, “Yes!” – told me that it would happen that night at 11PM. It did!

  The next morning I bounced out of bed and ate ravenously.  My head was clear, my strength returned, my pulse normal, my fever gone.  I knew I was well, because Bev was laughing with delight! Thanks to Ze’ev!

Supplement to The Holistic Dental Digest PLUS  

By Allan Grossman

  For the approximately 4 weeks that Ed was in intensive care, a coma was induced for 2 ½ weeks to allow the maximum healing for his broken ribs, leg, hip, shoulder, bruised heart and lung.  After the first day that he was removed from intensive care while he was still on a respirator (numerous attempts failed to get Ed to breathe on his own), Ze’ev Kolman sent absent healing directly to Ed in Mercy Hospital.   Ed’s wife, Cheryl, sitting at his bedside felt Ze’ev Kolman’s energy in the form of a tingling sensation during the absentee healing session.

  The next morning, Ed was off the respirator breathing on his own.  The medical staff was amazed and believed that he probably would need the respirator later on in the day. However, from that point forward, Ed no longer needed the assistance of the respirator.

  The second day, he was off intravenous and was eating soft foods, to the amazement of the medical staff.  Ze’ev sent absent healing a second time, directly to Ed.  During the absent healing session, once again, Cheryl felt Ze’ev Kolman’s energy in the form of a tingling sensation and, in addition, noticed static across the TV screen in Ed’s room.   She got up to shut off the TV and was startled when she realized that the TV set had already been turned off.

  The next day, Ed was sitting up and eating Lasagna, once again to the amazement of the medical staff.  The staff in the hospital was asking Cheryl, “Who is Ze’ev Kolman?”  Cheryl happily called the office to update us on Ed’s progress and requested that we send a few dozen brochures to Cheryl for distribution at the request of the medical staff.

  Ed has since undergone physical therapy and, at this point is still recuperating from his severe physical injuries.  But thanks to Ze’ev Kolman’s healing sessions, Ed has shown rapidly remarkable healing progress.

Ze’ev Kolman has the ability to heal in person and at a distance.  The distance healing is called absent healing, and the distance is irrelevant.  Ze’ev can send a laser of healing energy across the planet.  He can send it from NY to China, to Russia, to Europe or straight down to Miami with the same effectiveness.   It is this form of healing that helped Ed during his recuperation period.




Comments by Jerry Mittelman, DDS


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is so much more than a book. It's fascinating, and it's all true.

Bev and I met Zeev about four or five years before he published the book. The first time, as he passed his hands over me, I felt prickly sensations of electricity.'

For the next few days, I felt a high, really positive with love for everyone - centered. Once, while he passed his hands over my chest, with my eyes closed, my head seemed to light up - BRIGHT shining light! Bev reported the same sensation with him.

In fact, I found myself sitting in his waiting room, embarrassed to be there.  It didn’t matter that the walls were lined with photos of celebrities either embracing Ze’ev or thanking him for his help.  I still felt extremely apprehensive and skeptical, yet at the same time, eager and hopeful that he would be able to help me.

For the last six years, I had gone predominantly medically “alternative”.  However, I still kept my bi-annual doctor’s appointments with several specialists but avoid taking conventional medications.

  I had a plethora of major and minor health problems,  Chron’s disease since the age of five; and then with the onset of menopause I developed MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities), adrenalin and thyroid levels that were not functioning at optimum levels.
  I never knew what it felt like to be healthy.  I couldn’t even comprehend it.  I was hoping to soon find out with Ze’ev’s help.

  By coincidence, I scheduled my appointment with Ze’ev right after my yearly mammogram with one of NYC’s top oncologists.  I was going to be in the city anyway, so why not do them both on the same day?  After a mammogram and three sonograms, to see if the thick tissue that the doctor and I felt was my usual cystic fibrosis or the unspeakable, I left his office with an appointment to come back in three months if it was still there, or sooner if there were changes in the tissue.   Due to my family history, I was riddled with worry.

  When I entered Ze’ev’s office, I told him about my morning doctor’s appointment.  He read my aura and said, it was tissue, not a tumor.  I was hoping that he was correct.  He told me to lay down on his table, and I apprehensively did so.

  He started to talk over my body, instructing it to rid itself of specific ailments.  As he moved his hands over my body, it felt as if long strings of silk filaments were brushing and swishing and sweeping my body.  It felt as if silk filaments were extended themselves down to my body, yet none could be seen by the human eye.   When he finished, my eyes and my nose began to run and continued for the entire day.  At first, I felt a feeling of deep sadness as my tension from the morning experience had left me.

  The next day it occurred to me to check my breast why not just to see if there was any difference in the size of the tissue.  I was astonished; it had receded about 50% since the day before.  By the third day the tissue thickness was almost gone.   I was relieved and extremely appreciative.

  After the second visit, I actually saw electrical zigzag lights and sparks, coming from my eyes, ears and forehead area to Ze’ev’s hands.  My eyes teared and my nose ran continuously.  Ze’ev told me that I had heavy metals in my body and that he could get rid of them.   After this visit, I felt as if a 100 lb weight had been lifted from off my chest.  All of the sadness regarding my mother’s death 28 years ago was gone, and in its place was light hearted joy and the strong feeling of her protection and love that I so enjoyed as a child and young adult.   My heart felt at peace and I had new optimism about the future.

  Later that evening, when I looked into my make-up mirror, I noticed little silver strands of thin slivers up on the surface of the skin on my face.  I thought, could these be signs of the metals Ze’ev was referring to?  I removed them with a tweezer.   This happened again after each visit.  With each visit, I sensed that my allergies were improving, in fact, I felt better all over.  I was actually feeling what I thought a healthy person might feel like.  This was a new experience for me!

  After my sixth visit, I had an incredible experience.  I had been frustrated for decades, because I could not remember most of my childhood experiences.  Sure, I remembered the bad ones, but not the pleasant experiences.  One day, while visiting my hometown, out of the blue, I looked at something from my childhood and memories poured into my mind, one after another. Every street, home, restaurant etc. brought with it detailed memories.   It was as if a book had opened and I saw the pictures along with the narrative.  All the good memories of my childhood flooded my mind.  I felt my mother’s energy around me, moving as if in a caress.  I felt at peace for the first time in a long time.

Thank you, I am forever grateful. –I.G.


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