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 March 2005 Edition

¬    Ze’ev Kolman’s Message.
Looking out the window at all the snow, it’s hard for me to imagine that Spring is around the corner.  But with the coming of the month of March the doors to Spring are beginning to open in front of us.  We cannot see all the spring flowers starting to stir but they are there.  The flowers of the almond tree are beginning to form, the crocuses and tulips are poking through the snow and the days are becoming longer.  Listen!  The chirping of the birds is telling us of the coming of spring.  We begin to feel the special energy that spring brings to us.  The gentle breeze and the warmth of the sun kiss our soul and body.   Many of us prepare to travel during this season, feeling the urge to get out into the fields and gardens and breath the spring energy and experience the beautiful bluing of the sky.

The holiday of Easter comes this month and with it the symbolism of rebirth, renewal and resurrection.  This holy season calls us to look within and know the truth of our own spirituality and to honor that sacredness in everyone.  The spring season call us to look outside of ourselves, and experience and acknowledge the emerging glory of our world.  It is filling with vibrant life and we are revitalized in mind, body and spirit.  Welcome, Spring!

            And God bless.

¬      A Spring Gift Certificate
What a great way to welcome in the Spring Season!  This is an easy way to send love and healing to friends and family from the comfort of your home.  And you will be sending the unique gift of peace of mind, relaxation and refreshment in this season of renewal. 

Spring Gift Certificates for a Private Healing Session or Absentee Healing Session with Ze’ev Kolman are now available.  Just call the office at 212-245-1715 and speak to Shelly about making this purchase with a credit card.

¬     BIO-ENERGETIC HEALING  (Excerpt from  Lecture delivered at Capitol University , Washington, DC)

Each and every human being utilizes his five senses.  In addition, each individual has a gland that appears as a pinecone whose leaves are open.  In essence, every human being is born with the potential to become a channel.  Due to a lack of development of these facilities most of us never actually become channels.

What is the basis of these special attributes?

When we arrive at a hospital, an electrocardiogram is administered.  Electrodes are placed on our limbs and we are connected to an electric current, which registers on a graph.  With all these instruments a conclusion is drawn that in the human body there are electrical impulses and flows.  Otherwise the needle would not be able to register and there would be no purpose in being hooked up to electrodes.  If there is electricity there must be and electromagnetic field.  This electromagnetic field of the human body is called in para-psychological terms “astral body” or “AURA”.

What is this body?

In this body is our entire emotional system.  A medium is capable of seeing all of our “AURAS” because his pinecone shaped gland is fully open.  In religious terminology “AURA” is referred to as a “HALO”.  Different religions illustrated this aura as a yellow circle surrounding the Head of Holy Figures.  People in previous generations were much more in tune astrally than in our generation.  We are a generation of prosperity and technology, yet the progress of modern man has pushed us in a different direction.  In previous generations there was no television, no radio, no lasers, no computers, no airplanes.  But there was a deeper appreciation and connection to “ASTRAL” vision.  But they did not understand it.  In the modern world of today --- 90% of diseases are of psychosomatic origin.

What is psychosomatic illness?

It is a physical manifestation of a mental or emotional problem.  It is not always possible to cure the disease because the quality of the soul has already been diminished.  But it is truly possible to ease the pain of the individual who is suffering.  Bio-energy does not take the place of conventional medicine in any way whatsoever.  It aids and it strengthens the work of medicine.  Today, there is much discussion about holistic medicine.  Many doctors are beginning to study the field.

What happens during a Bio-energy treatment?

At the time of the treatment, the healer aligns his body to the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the patient.  In as much as he is able to achieve the same frequency,  the healer feels the areas of blockage in the patient.  You are probably familiar with acupuncture charts.  The acupuncture points are the electromagnetic field passages.  If these points are blocked there is no passage of energy and the result is psychosomatic sickness.

These passages can be unblocked through the use of needles --- if your back hurts a needle is placed through your ear.  You may ask why is the needle placed through the ear?  The answer is that the energy path to the back goes through the ears in specific areas.

In my work we utilize the same principle, the same concept, only the methodology is different.  In my work there are no needles, no puncturing, no touching …nothing.

It has been demonstrated in hospitals that Bio-Energy treatments shorten a patient’s hospital stay.  Several studies have been done proving this conclusion.  Bio-Energists were brought to hospitals and were allowed to treat those patients who had undergone similar operations.  The patients were divided into two groups.  Half of them were given antibiotics and the other half was also given Bio-Energy treatments.  Those who were given Bio-Energy treatments found that their need for drugs was diminished and their hospital stay was shortened.

Slowly people are coming to understand the field of alternative healing.  This depends greatly on those who take advantage of treatment and come to understand and become aware of this phenomena and realize that there is no magic, no voodoo, no witchcraft, but that all is natural and understandable, that the healer is merely linking his frequency of energy from his body to the same level of frequency of the patient.  The healer pinpoints the places of blocked energy and opens the passages.  Sometimes this energy is sufficient for a week, sometimes for years and many times for a lifetime.  This all depends on the blocked energy passages of the particular patient.

¬   Absentee Healing                 
A man named Ryan telephoned me from Los Angeles, having heard about me from friends.  For several months
he had been confined to bed because of severe back pain.  He had been to many doctors but none had helped him.  He wanted to send me a plane ticket to LA so that I would come and help him.  Because my appointment book was full and many people were waiting for my help I could not go.  So I asked Ryan to lie down in bed and I concentrated and with my spiritual third eye I saw Ryan even though I had never seen him before.  I concentrated on his back and began to transmit energy to him through my third eye like a laser beam.  Ryan later told me that after a short while his whole body felt like it was burning, especially the low back area.  Following the absentee healing, he was immediately able to get up from his bed and walk with no pain, as if nothing had ever happened.  Some time later I had the opportunity to meet Ryan and I recognized him immediately from the “picture” I had seen when I was healing him.

One can compare our thoughts to radio waves, which can be sent and transmitted beyond one’s physical place and received at the other end provided that there is a receiver tuned to the right wavelength.  I am able to transmit energy through the force of my thoughts, and the person at the other end  “opens” his channels to the proper wavelength and absorbs the energy.

If you are interested in receiving this type of healing, please contact the office at 212-245-1715.

    Prevention is Essential!
For a limited time we are offering a Special Prevention Package.  Life is stressful.  You work hard and carry many burdens.  All the systems of your electromagnetic field need regular balancing and healing.  Your aura needs cleansing of the debris and toxicity that accumulates.  Your chakras need an infusion of energy and your meridians need to be balanced to promote good circulation. 

Regular monthly care is the smartest way to repair and maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit.  Let Ze’ev Kolman, Bio-Energetic Healer help.  We are now offering a program of regular, Once-a-Month Healing Sessions.  Purchase 5 Once-a-Month healing Sessions and receive the sixth month FREE!  Call NOW and reserve your regular monthly appointment.  Same time every month, easy to remember and reap the benefits of regular care!

Suggestion:  Be sure to attend the next Self-Bio-Energetic Healing Workshop on Sunday, March 20th to experience the presence of Ze’ev Kolman’s Bio-Energy for yourself.  Or, if you prefer, sign up for the March 16th Lecture or the March 9th Group Healing Session.

¬     Telephone Healing
In the comfort and convenience of your home Ze’ev Kolman transmits, via the telephone, his Bio-Energetic Healing energy.  Appointments may be scheduled weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, New York time.  Most credit cards accepted.

¬    Monthly Blessing.
Straight from the heart, Ze’ev Kolman sends a monthly spiritual blessing.  On the same day and time each month a spiritual blessing is offered for those whose birthday occurs that month.  If you need a blessing for yourself or someone you know please email us their name and location and we will also extend a special Birthday Discount on a private session.

For those celebrating a birthday in March, on Monday, the 28th at Midnight (New York time), remember to meditate by focusing both on your physical intention and on the healer, Ze’ev Kolman, as his healing energy is sent to you.  

¬   Schedule of Events.
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¬   Suggestions.
Do you have a copy of Ze’ev Kolman’s book, “The Secret of Healing”?
Family and friends will feel blessed when they receive this book as a birthday,  get-well or Anniversary gift.  It’s permanent…unlike flowers and candy.

Order 3 books and receive a 20-percent discount.    Select now, while supplies last of the very special “Healing-Hand-Imprinted” copy…with mud from the Dead Sea.  We can mail for you autographed copies with a personalized gift card. Most credit cards accepted.

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