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September 2003 Edition

¬    Ze’ev Kolman’s Commentary.
Last month I spoke about how, as a healer for more than 30-years, I have acted as a conduit between earth’s electromagnetic field (the source of life’s energy) and the human body.  In this way I am able to transmit powerful healing energy.  Now I will explain my vision of chakras and their role in funneling this energy into the physical body. 
The universe is comprised of things that are visible and things that are not.  (In physics it is said that the difference between what is visible and invisible is the speed of vibration.  A good example of this would be the difference between a fan turned off and a fan turned on high…the faster it rotates the more it seems to disappear.)  The earth’s electromagnetic field and the human chakras are invisible to most people, although some are sensitive enough to see them.
Chakras are flower-like “objects” that are jellyfish gray in color and transparency. They are located just outside the physical body and function as portals or funnels through which the body automatically receives energy.  We are fed this energy in one sense but also we can consciously increase the amount coming in for our body to use to heal and balance itself.  Of the many chakras that exist, there are ten that directly affect the body. 
When I transmit healing energy, I am offering the body a greater level of concentrated energy than it normally is able to receive.  I do not do the healing; I make the energy available for the body to use in its on healing process.  Each “body” receives energy to a different capacity.  Using the chakras as metaphors for levels of a physical structure, I begin every healing session at the tenth chakra (located at the top or crown of the head), and bring the energy down through each level of the body, stopping at the ninth (forehead between the eyebrows), eighth (the base of the throat), seventh (the heart but in the center of the chest), and so on until I arrive at the first charkas …the toes.  I pause briefly at each level, to send healing energy through its chakra and to allow time for the body to engage its intrinsic ability to cleanse, balance and heal it self.  This is similar to giving a car a tune-up.

¬    Bio-Energetic Healing Report of the Month.
From a Group Healing Session attended by 25-ladies and gentlemen, W. Baden, an attendee, reports her experience: “Ze’ev Kolman touched everyone many times in a fifteen minute period, with rays of healing energy emanating from his blessed hands, as he softly glided around the room.  With my eyes closed and in my mind’s eye, I witnessed two-hands with fingers outstretched sending to me two separate rainbows of colors that I openly accepted, as Ze’ev Kolman stood before me.  It felt as if feathers and fine wires of electrical currents were brushing my head, face, arms and hands. Even when his back was to me stinging sensations of electrical impulses touched my neck and shoulders and caused my hair to take flight. 
In sharing our feelings after the session, no two people had the same experience and all acknowledged being touched in a profound way.  Some reported feeling ‘cleaner’ or ‘cleaned-out’ and compared  Ze’ev Kolman to ‘Mr. Clean—The White Tornado.’ Soon I noticed a change in my vision—everything in the room appeared clearer and brighter.”


¬    Absentee Healing.
Ze’ev Kolman’s energy is so aligned with earth’s electromagnetic field he
transcends distance and, like a telephone connection, in nanoseconds his Bio-Energetic Healing energy is projected to any distant place in the world.  While sitting in his New York office his transfer of healing energy has been felt as far as Alaska, Australia, California, Canada, England and Israel.  Because it is a natural biological process for the body to heal while sleeping these healing sessions are always conducted at night.

¬    Telecommunication Healing.
In the comfort and convenience of your home Ze’ev Kolman can transmit, via the
telephone, his Bio-Energetic Healing force of energy.  Appointments may be scheduled weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, New York time.

¬    Focus of Healing.
Ze’ev Kolman is acknowledged as “one of the world’s greatest living healers on the planet today.”  The following is a brief list of some of the conditions for which he has given Bio-Energetic Healing sessions:  chronic illnesses, immune system disorders, migraine headaches, allergies, infertility; smoking, eating and psychological disorders; chronic pain and general energy-balancing “tune-ups.”  Pets are also responsive to Ze’ev’s healing energy.


¬    Monthly Blessing. 
Straight from the heart, Ze’ev Kolman sends a monthly spiritual blessing.  On the same day and time each month a spiritual blessing is focused on those whose birthday occurs that month.
'  For anyone who has a birthday in September, on Friday, the 26th  at midnight (New York time), remember to meditate by focusing both on your specific intention and on the healer, Ze’ev Kolman, as his healing energy is sent to you.

¬    Suggestions.
Do you have a copy of Ze’ev Kolman’s book, The Secret of Healing?
Consider adding it to your gift list for birthdays and get-well wishes…it’s permanent, unlike flowers and candy.  We can mail an autographed copy for you with a personalized gift card.
Order 3-books and receive a 20-percent discount.    Select the very special healing-hand-imprinted copy (with mud from the Dead Sea)…while supplies last.

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