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September 2005 Edition

¬    Ze’ev Kolman’s Message.
Here we are at summer’s end. A perfect time to reflect on what’s happening in our lives.

I hope the summer has filled you with many wonderful memories. As with the change in season coming upon us, we also adapt to changes in the seasons of our lives. If you detect a any blockages in your mind, body or emotions, then possibly unblocking and restoring your aura and chakras can help you envision your next step along the way.
I talk frequently about auras. Let me insert a couple of articles to help define this subject more clearly.

¬     Healing the Aura

By Medical Journalist Morton Walker, D.P.M

Just as each of us possesses a physical anatomy, you or I also project a bioenergetic anatomy, which consists principally of the aura—the emanation of energy which surrounds any living thing. This non-physical body, also referred to as the “astral body,” has specific energy points known as “chakras” (pronounced Shock-rahs). And the aura’s astral body is capable of leaving the physical body for certain time periods. I n future columns for this newsletter, I shall discuss chakras as well as the astral body’s time travel “astral travel” as they pertain to healings for improved health.

Today’s brief report focuses on the aura. Auric revelations about a person, which appear to a highly sensitive bioenergetics as exemplified by Ze’ev Kolman, are perceptions translated into a recognizable, visible picture of energy waves or rays flowing out from the astral body. Often they will be clearly projected as visions to the bioenergist’s own unconscious visualizations. They are pictured as scenes, often in colors of amber or yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, orange, pink (around children and pregnant women), and red psychically perceived and resulting from mechanisms of the mind.

The aura does not only exist in the imagination, it has been photographed by the Kirilian process in rigidly controlled scientific experiments. It exists and may be used for diagnosis and treatment to achieve healing!

ON OCTOBER 14TH 15TH AND 16TH OF 2005. Call 212-245-1715 for more information.



The Individual’s “Aura” or Template sometimes a healer creates his or her primary healing effect by supplying particular frequencies of etheric (and higher) bio-energies to a client’s etheric body, which Mr.Kolman refers to as the “aura.” The aura is a holographic bio-energetic template surrounding the individual, a type of spatial wave-guide that assists the molecular/cellular systems of the body to achieve proper organization, orchestration, and energetic balance. If the template is healthy and orderly, the body resides in a state of health. When the etheric body is distorted and its organized patterns become disrupted by a wide variety of influences, the physical body slowly follows suit by manifesting illness.

The organization of a person’s aura controls the orderly cellular behavior of the body’s systems. It’s the aura of the etheric body to which Ze’ev Kolman actually directs his healing bio-energetic. When the influence of this etheric body has totally ceased, as in death, the component molecular parts return to the chaotic disorder of inorganic matter.

The individual aura-yours or mine-is the wave guide that controls the flow of life energy into the body, Patterns of illness occur at the energetic level before they become manifest at the cellular level. Dysfunctional subtle energetic changes in the etheric body may precede physical/cellular changes of the overt illness by weeks to months and Mr. Kolman does spot that effect among some of his clients. He is able to predict forthcoming symptoms of sub-clinical illness by reading one’s aura.

My observation of Ze’ev Kolman in action with a person who has come for healing is that he works on the aura to restructure that etheric template toward a more health-ful, beneficial pattern to effect the healing of established physical illness. Using the bio-energy emitting from his hands, it is possible for him to influence components of one’s subtle anatomy to bring about healing at the physical level.

Suggestion:  Be sure to attend the next Self-Bio-Energetic Healing Workshop on Sunday, Sepember 18, 2005 to experience the presence of Ze’ev Kolman’s Bio-Energy for yourself. Or, if you prefer, sign up for the September 21, 2005 Lecture or the September 7th or the 28th 2005 Group Healing Session.

¬    Group Healing

“I really want to thank you again for helping me and especially my mother.  She seems so much stronger and better since this afternoon’s group healing.  You are truly amazing and indeed a gift to all who come to meet you…Words are inadequate.”  Terry

Group healing is done every 2 weeks in our office.  In a group healing each and everyone receives a healing within a group setting.  The group is put into a healing meditation so that Mr. Kolman can transmit his electro-magnetic energy into your body for the purpose of healing.  Call the office if you are interested in this type of healing.

¬     Telephone Healing

'In the comfort and convenience of your home Ze’ev Kolman transmits, via the telephone, his Bio-Energetic Healing energy.  Appointments may be scheduled weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, New York time.  Most credit cards accepted.

¬   Schedule of Events.
Visit:  www.zeevkolman.net/calendar.shtml
for a full list of upcoming events.

¬   One More Suggestion
Do you have a copy of Ze’ev Kolman’s book, “The Secret of Healing”? Family and friends will feel blessed when they receive this book as a birthday,  get-well or Anniversary gift.  It’s permanent…unlike flowers and candy.

Order 3 books and receive a 20-percent discount.    Select now, while supplies last of the very special “Healing-Hand-Imprinted” copy…with mud from the Dead Sea.  We can mail for you autographed copies with a personalized gift card. Most credit cards accepted.

¬    Absentee Healing Testimony

Absentee healing is another kind of healing service I offer. It can be done to anyone, anywhere preferably at nighttime or early in the morning while the client is still sleeping or resting. This is a letter I receive from a client that reflects how absentee healing can work with conventional therapy:

“Two years ago”, I was diagnosed with an aggressive and dangerous malignancy of the uterus known as a leiomyosarcoma. I was blessed that it was only at stage one: and after surgery, six months of chemo and six weeks of radiation, I was doing well and cancer free. It only took nine more months for it to catch up with me again, and this time it was just a mass the sizes of a golf ball hanging out in my pelvic area, found completely by chance. I was terrified. I had heard all of the horror stories about how poor my chances would be at this point. I had eliminated what was considered to be the most effective chemo already and now I would try some experimental combination. I had no idea what I should do.

I heard from a friend about Ze’ev. I had worked with gifted healers in the past, and was excited to meet him. My first chemo treatment left me very sick and nervous. That was Halloween, 2003. Three days later, I worked with Ze’ev for the first time. I was due for a treatment again in a few days. We had three sessions: one in person, one phone healing, and one absent healing. The following chemo appointment was amazing. I not only had the same dose of the first drug, I also received another drug as well. I felt so good after the second treatment, I cleaned my house, and washed my dog! My friends were amazed, as this was a far cry from the week before. “All I can say is praise God”.

I worked with Ze’ev weekly. After the first round of therapy (it was a six week protocol), I told Ze’ev about all of the scans they would be doing after the next week. He asked me what they were looking for. I explained that they wanted to see if there was any response to the current course of therapy. Ze’ev said with his adorable Israeli accent We shrinked that tumor! They were concerned about some scar tissue that was visible on my PET scan however. Since I was tolerating things so well, they put me through another 4 ½ months of chemo. I am happy to say that my blood levels have never been better, my scans are still clean, and I feel amazing.

If you’ve never experienced the gift of Ze’ev, one visit can surprise you! One can actually feel the energy being transferred from him to you! He not only heals the body, he heals the spirit. He continuously encouraged me, even when all the doctors did was bite their lips and shake their heads. I ‘ll continue to work with Ze’ev for as long as he will put up with me. He has become a true friend. Ze’ev, Thank you.


Absentee Healing is performed when you are sleeping or resting.  When the body is at rest, your chakras (which are your energy centers) open up and are able to receive vitality and electromagnetic energy transmitted into your energy field  for the purpose of healing. It is necessary for the client to know the time that the absentee will take place so that the body is tuned to the same level of frequency  during the time of healing.  Absentee healing is recommended for clients who are too far away or overseas or unable to come into the office because of a busy schedule or illness.  Absentee healing can be  very effective. Some clients experience tingling sensations, others feel a wave of heat, while others experience no physical presence, but is any case the absentee healing works equally the same.   Some clients wake up during the time of the healing.  If you wake up, stay in bed in a relaxed state of mind.  Commonly asked question:  Will the absentee healing work for me?  Absentee healing works for many people, but not all.  It depends on how long you have had the condition, how open you are to the healing and how well your body receives the energy for healing.
The following list is required for absentee healing:
2.full address
3.telephone numbers
4.date of birth
5.direction of your head when you sleep at night, for example, if it is facing north, south, east or west
6.list of the conditions you would like us to focus on

One can compare our thoughts to radio waves, which can be sent and transmitted beyond one’s physical place and received at the other end provided that there is a receiver tuned to the right wavelength.  This energy is transmitted through the force of my thoughts, and the person at the other end  “opens” his channels to the proper wavelength and absorbs the energy.

If you are interested in receiving this type of healing, please contact the office at 212-245-1715 and speak to Shelly.

¬Prevention is Essential!

For a limited time we are offering a Special Prevention Package. Life is stressful. You work hard and carry many burdens. All the systems of your electromagnetic field need regular balancing and healing. Your aura needs cleansing of the debris and toxicity that accumulates. Your chakras need an infusion of energy and your meridians need to be balanced to promote good circulation.

Regular monthly care is the smartest way to repair and maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. Let Ze’ev Kolman, Bio-Energetic Healer help. We are now offering a program of regular, Once-a-Month Healing Sessions. Purchase 6 Once-a-Month healing Sessions and receive the seventh month FREE! Call NOW and reserve your regular monthly appointment. Same time every month, easy to remember and reap the benefits of regular care!

¬    Monthly Blessing.
Straight from the heart, Ze’ev Kolman sends a monthly spiritual blessing.  On the same day and time each month a spiritual blessing is offered for those whose birthday occurs that month.  If you need a blessing for yourself or someone you know please email us their name and location and we will also extend a special Birthday Discount on a private session.

For those celebrating a birthday in May, on the 25th at Midnight (New York time), remember to meditate by focusing both on your physical intention and on the healer, Ze’ev Kolman, as his healing energy is sent to you. 

¬  Questions and Editorial Comments.
Either mail your questions and editorial comments to our New York address, or
E-mail them to zeevkolman@gmail.com .    Zeev Kolman encourages your communications and will respond in future Newsletters.
    Web Site.
Please visit us again at:  www.zeevkolman.net

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