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 OCTOBER 2004 Edition

¬    Ze’ev Kolman’s Message.
Autumn is tapping on our windows, calling out "Welcome me!  I am here!" 

We are entering a new season and the cycle of Libra is influencing the balancing that is occurring as we move from Summer into Autumn and then into Winter. The trees are decorating outdoors in vibrant colors of red, orange and yellow.  Crisp, cool, invigorating air is flowing down from the North.  Walk outside!  Breathe in this beautiful air, stroll among the trees, touching them, thanking them for the energy they are sharing with us.  Look up and let the clear blue of the sky stream into your eyes enlivening every cell in your body.  And express gratitude to the Creator for this magnificent time of the year. 

Indoors, when you are meditating, bring these sights, smells, and colors into your awareness, balancing and integrating these energies with your body, mind and spirit.
This is a time of Harvest, of Abundance, of Storing for the winter months.  These are ancient impulses.  Use these themes in your prayers and meditations, in a posture of appreciation and invoking health, happiness and success.  Pray to be blessed with a harvest of love that nourishes and heals. And remember that we are all channels of the Creator's healing love, perfect and whole in every way.  And God bless.


¬     Special Guest Speaker at our Lecture on October 14th!
We are proud to announce that Dr. Jerome Mittelman, author of "Healthy Teeth for Kids" and the first dentist to stop using mercury for dental fillings, will be our guest speaker at our Lecture on October 14th.  Dr. Mittelman is the editor of the "Holistic Dental Digest Plus" and has appeared on radio programs in the company of Gary Null, Carleton Fredericks and Betty Kamen.  Over 30 states have invited him to teach and lecture on preventive dentistry.

¬     Prevention is Essential!
For a limited time we are offering a Special Prevention Package.  Life is stressful.  You work hard and carry many burdens.  All the systems of your electromagnetic field need regular balancing and healing.  Your aura needs cleansing of the debris and toxicity that accumulates.  Your chakras need an infusion of energy and your meridians need to be balanced to promote good circulation. 

Regular monthly care is the smartest way to repair and maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit.  Let Ze'ev Kolman, Bio-Energetic Healer help.  We are now offering a program of regular, Once-a-Month Healing Sessions.  Purchase 5 Once-a-Month healing Sessions and receive the sixth month FREE!  Call NOW and reserve your regular monthly appointment.  Same time every month, easy  to remember and reap the benefits of regular care!

¬   Telephone Healing
In the comfort and convenience of your home Ze'ev Kolman transmits, via the telephone, his Bio-Energetic Healing energy.  Appointments may be scheduled weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, New York time.  Most credit cards accepted.

¬   Spiritual Healing
From Rebecca W.:  "It was my third time visiting Ze'ev for Spiritual Enlightenment Work.  The previous times I had experienced a feeling of calm.  However, this time, I was feeling that someone had placed something above my right eye on my forehead and I was extremely uncomfortable.  After explaining this to Ze'ev, he moved his hands over the area.  I then felt a dozen or more string-like bands of electricity coming from his hands, and then suddenly the pressure was gone.  I was able to relax into a deep meditative state and soon, with my eyes closed, I was seeing the color blue.  The best way to describe the way it looked is to compare it to a water puddle that has a few drops of petroleum oil swirling in it.  While I was seeing this blue with other colors coming in and out of focus I felt wonderful.  As Ze'ev continued to work, he once more put his hands over my forehead only this time I saw his hand prints come through into the blue I was seeing.  I actually saw his blue handprints with my eyes closed!  I became frozen, but I felt safe.  As my aura extended about two feet around my body, I had a sensation of peace and well-being.  When the session ended Ze'ev asked me to sit up.  Without my asking he confirmed that my aura had indeed extended and he could see the blue radiating from me."

"Today I am seeing a change in life.  I am more confident.  Some people I was once friends with are not able to be around my energy and vise versa.  I am attracting people who are more enlightened.  I must admit that this is a bit uncomfortable because it is not what I am used to.  Nevertheless, this is what I am working toward and I am enjoying my new outlook on life."


¬    Focus of Healing
Ze'ev Kolman is acknowledged as "one of the world's greatest living healers on the planet today."  The following is a brief list of some of the conditions for which he has given Bio-Energetic Healing sessions:  chronic illnesses, immune system disorders, migraine headaches, allergies, infertility; smoking, eating and psychological disorders; chronic pain and general energy-balancing "tune-ups."  Babies, hyperactive children and pets have had a positive healing response to Ze'ev's miraculous energy.

¬    Monthly Blessing.
Straight from the heart, Ze'ev Kolman sends a monthly spiritual blessing.  On the same day and time each month a spiritual blessing is offered for those whose birthday occurs that month.  If you need a blessing for yourself or someone you know please email us their name and location.

For those celebrating a birthday in October, on Monday, the 25th  at Midnight (New York time), remember to meditate by focusing both on your physical intention and on the healer, Ze'ev Kolman, as his healing energy is sent to you.

¬   A Great Idea!
If you don't already own a copy of Ze'ev Kolman's book, "The Secret of Healing" here is another good reason to get one, or if you already own one have you thought to use it this way?  From Ed Z.-"Quite often I lie down, tense my muscles and then relax them completely.  Then, with my hand resting on the handprint in the book, I allow the energy to fill my chakras one at a time, starting with the crown chakra.  After a while, my whole body is pulsating with energy.  I then try to release all the impure energy through my toes and allow myself to enjoy the pulsating energy."

¬   Schedule of Events.
Visit:  www.zeevkolman.net/calendar.shtml
for a full list of upcoming events.

¬   Suggestions.
Do you have a copy of Ze'ev Kolman's book, "The Secret of Healing"?
Family and friends will feel blessed when they receive this book as a birthday,
 get-well or Anniversary gift.  It's permanent...unlike flowers and candy.

Order 3 books and receive a 20-percent discount.    Select now, while supplies last of the very special "Healing-Hand-Imprinted" copy...with mud from the Dead Sea.  We can mail for you autographed copies with a personalized gift card. Most credit cards accepted.

  Questions and Editorial Comments.
Either mail your questions and editorial comments to our New York address, or
E-mail them to zeevkolman@gmail.com .    Zeev Kolman encourages your communications and will respond in future Newsletters.
    Web Site.
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