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 NOVEMBER 2004 Edition

¬    Ze’ev Kolman’s Message.
This month, in honor of the holiday of Thanksgiving, I will be sharing with you many wonderful comments people have written to me in gratitude.  As a child growing up we did not have a special national holiday called Thanksgiving.  But of course this did not stop us from being grateful for our blessings.  In the same way, even in this country, we really do not need to set aside one day for being thankful.  We should be thankful every day, all day, for all the blessings we enjoy.
Being consciously aware of our blessings is a remarkable way to reduce our feelings of stress.  Frequently it seems that we think we have nothing for which to be grateful.  But if you make the effort to be aware you will realize that you have many things:  you woke up today, the sun is shining, your family is happy, you live in a free country (don’t forget to vote!) you have a roof over your head, food on the table, nice clothes, you can love others and be loved in return, and the list goes on and on.  Practice Thanksgiving!  We must open our mind and heart to the rich blessings of abundance all around us.  Be aware of the radiant light of health, happiness and love that shines from you to others.  Share this light.  Lift others up with your smile, your kind words, your laughter, your patience and your compassion.  Compliment and love unconditionally yourself and others.
As you sit around your bountiful table, with the smiling faces of your family and friends feel the swirling energy of love and gratitude and create beautiful memories.
            And God bless.

¬     Special Guest Speaker at our Lecture on Thursday, December 9th!
We are proud to announce that Beverly Mittelman, Certified Nutrition Consultant, will be our guest speaker at our Lecture on December 9th.  She has lectured on nutrition to eleven dental schools and colleges, including NYU and the University of Pennsylvania.  She has written about nutrition for over 25 years and was Feature Editor of Dental Management Magazine and co-editor of the Holistic Dental Digest Plus.  She has also been a frequent guest on health-oriented talk shows.  Her topic will be “Ten Things You Can Do For Yourself NUTRITIONALLY!”

¬     Prevention is Essential!
For a limited time we are offering a Special Prevention Package.  Life is stressful.  You work hard and carry many burdens.  All the systems of your electromagnetic field need regular balancing and healing.  Your aura needs cleansing of the debris and toxicity that accumulates.  Your chakras need an infusion of energy and your meridians need to be balanced to promote good circulation. 

Regular monthly care is the smartest way to repair and maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit.  Let Ze’ev Kolman, Bio-Energetic Healer help.  We are now offering a program of regular, Once-a-Month Healing Sessions.  Purchase 5 Once-a-Month healing Sessions and receive the sixth month FREE!  Call NOW and reserve your regular monthly appointment.  Same time every month, easy  to remember and reap the benefits of regular care!

¬   Telephone Healing
In the comfort and convenience of your home Ze’ev Kolman transmits, via the telephone, his Bio-Energetic Healing energy.  Appointments may be scheduled weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, New York time.  Most credit cards accepted.

¬    Focus of Healing
Ze’ev Kolman is acknowledged as “one of the world’s greatest living healers on the planet today.”  The following is a brief list of some of the conditions for which he has given Bio-Energetic Healing sessions:  chronic illnesses, immune system disorders, migraine headaches, allergies, infertility; smoking, eating and psychological disorders; chronic pain and general energy-balancing “tune-ups.”  Babies, hyperactive children and pets have had a positive healing response to Ze’ev’s miraculous energy.

¬   Exciting Book Excerpt
From Dr. Hans Holzer’s latest book  “The Supernatural:  Explaining the Unexplained”:

              “But truly rivaling the healing results of the late Edgar Cayce, and far outshining any more recent paranormal healers is the Israeli healer, Ze’ev Kolman.  He has cured cancer and heart disease, permanently, and treated people with such serious illnesses as multiple sclerosis and even paralysis.

             Kolman uses bio-energetic power, by passing his palms over the body of the patient.  He has also been quite successful with absent healing via the telephone, in one case curing a woman in Japan with 10 long distance sessions.  The sound of his voice relayed through the telephone was just as successful as if it had been coming from Kolman to a patient in his physical presence.  The feats of Ze’ev Kolman, who lives in New York City, are well documented with medical rapports and laboratory statements, backing up his cures.”

¬   Thankfullness
*  From Patricia G.:  “Thank you so much!  You are an inspiration.  Your service to mankind is extraordinary!”

*  From Patricia K.: “Thank you for helping me throughout these years.  You have healed my body, my spirit and kept me going.  God bless you.”

*  From Paz G.:  “I thank God for meeting Ze’ev.  You have cured me.  Most importantly, after healing I have the courage to be me.  Ze’ev you are truly a blessed being.”

*  From Alice G.:  “Blessings upon you for your gifts given and shared so profoundly to planet Earth’s people.  I thank God that you have shared yourself with the thousands of fortunate people whose lives have been touched by your special gift.  I am one of those fortunate souls who has and continues to be healed by you! ”

*  From Ann:  “Thank you for coming into my life.  You have given me hope for the possibility of a long and healthy life.”

*  From Ina:  “Thank you for removing the 27 years of sadness in my heart over my mother’s death and replacing it with peace.  Instead of sadness I now feel a warm sense of protection, as if she were with me.  The fibrocystic tissue is back to normal and for that I will be forever grateful to you.  I sense a new calmness that I have never felt before.  Thank you so much.”

*  From Edna Z.:  “I feel very fortunate that I was allowed to meet you and have the blessings of your healing energy.  If this were not enough, your spiritual insight has helped me immensely.  Thank you very much for this rare privilege.”

*  From Sal:  “You have no idea what energy is ‘til you’re blessed by a session with Ze’ev!”

*  From a grateful client:  “I am so grateful for the healing powers of Ze’ev and all the love that he shares.  He is truly a gifted man and has helped open my eyes to the true meaning of life.  Thank you Ze’ev and God bless.”

*  From Adam B.:   “The work you do is wonderful.  I have felt immensely well, empowered, energized and clear since having four private sessions as well as one lecture with you.  You are a great gift to a troubled world.”

¬    Monthly Blessing.
Straight from the heart, Ze’ev Kolman sends a monthly spiritual blessing.  On the same day and time each month a spiritual blessing is offered for those whose birthday occurs that month.  If you need a blessing for yourself or someone you know please email us their name and location and we will also extend a special Birthday Discount on a private session.

For those celebrating a birthday in November, on Monday, the 29th  at Midnight (New York time), remember to meditate by focusing both on your physical intention and on the healer, Ze’ev Kolman, as his healing energy is sent to you.

¬   Schedule of Events.
Visit:  www.zeevkolman.net/calendar.shtml
for a full list of upcoming events.

¬   Suggestions.
Do you have a copy of Ze'ev Kolman's book, "The Secret of Healing"?
Family and friends will feel blessed when they receive this book as a birthday,
 get-well or Anniversary gift.  It's permanent...unlike flowers and candy.

Order 3 books and receive a 20-percent discount.    Select now, while supplies last of the very special "Healing-Hand-Imprinted" copy...with mud from the Dead Sea.  We can mail for you autographed copies with a personalized gift card. Most credit cards accepted.

  Questions and Editorial Comments.
Either mail your questions and editorial comments to our New York address, or
E-mail them to zeevkolman@gmail.com .    Zeev Kolman encourages your communications and will respond in future Newsletters.
    Web Site.
Please visit us again at: 
Learn about Zeev Kolman in Africa

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Zeev Kolman
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