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"The most powerful healing energy is love." #5
Welcoming the New Year

Blessings for the New Year. I wish you good health, happiness, and world peace. I send you love, energy, and light with this letter. --Zeev Kolman

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Zeev conducts Group Healing

Montreal --Stanley Hobish, DDS The annual conference of the International Institute for the Integration of Health Sciences held in Montreal each year is sponsored by the United Nations. It brings together leaders in the fields of human consciousness and human potential.

The prestigious list of guest speakers included: astronaut Brian O'Leary; Dr. C. Norman Shealy; Rabbi Joseph Gelberman: futurist Gordon Michael Scallion; astrologer Noel Tyl; famed channel Kevin Ryerson (of Shirley McLaine fame); to name but a few as the list goes on and on.

Zeev Kolman was invited to give a lecture and demonstration of Bio-Energetic healing. I resented a paper on the psycho-dynamics of Bio-Energetic healing.

Over 100 participants in the audience had an opportunity to experience first hand the physical energy emanating from Ze'ev as he conducted a group healing meditation. The almost identical descriptions of the physical experiences of this energy that the members of the audience shared, put to rest any doubt that Bio-energy is indeed fact and not fiction.

Ze'ev was acknowledged by many as "the greatest living healer on the planet today."

DOCUMENTED CASES OF HEALING --from The Secret of Healing by Hans Holzer, PhD

Michael Solter is an Israeli-born businessman who has lived in New York for some time. In 1992, his mother-in-law, Hannah Rubin, age 67, was struck by a car. An ambulance removed her to Booth Memorial Hospital in Flushing, New York.

For a month and a half she was given intensive care, but she remained in a deep coma on life-support machines for four months. The medical prognosis was not good for her ever regaining consciousness, and the doctors advised that perhaps it would be best to remove the life-support equipment and let her pass on.

It was at that moment that destiny took a hand. At a gathering, Mr. Solter met a man who was sympathetic to Mrs. Rubin's plight, and he suggested that there was, perhaps, a way to try and save her life.

He had heard of Zeev, and Mr. Solter eagerly made the contact. The doctors at the hospital would not hear of such treatment. But Zeev went there, anyway, quietly, and gave her a treatment. Immediately thereafter she opened her eyes -- for the first time since the accident.

"I'll be back the end of the week," a determined Zeev told Mr. Solter.

The second treatment had even more startling results. As Zeev passed his hands over Mrs. Rubin, projecting energy, the equipment giving her life support began to act on its own, moving, rattling as if struck by electric power!

That night Mrs. Rubin started to speak again. Within days she was her old self. Today, more than three years later, she is well, and no sign of the accident has remained.

Comments by Jerry Mittelman, DDS


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THE SECRET OF HEALING is so much more than a book. It's fascinating, and it's all true.

Bev and I met Zeev about four or five years before he published the book. The first time, as he passed his hands over me, I felt prickly sensations of electricity.'

For the next few days, I felt a high, really positive with love for everyone - centered. Once, while he passed his hands over my chest, with my eyes closed, my head seemed to light up - BRIGHT shining light! Bev reported the same sensation with him.

Zeev Kolman's address:
2109 Broadway, #630,
New York City, NY 10023.
His phone: #212-245-1715
Be sure to see his web-site: email:zeevkolman@gmail.com

Since then we've seen many clients with serious problems -- cancer, ruptured vertebral discs, heart problems, very serious cases --HEALED -- when their physicians had given up hope!

His advocates include physicians, scholars, and celebrities around the world including some of Europe's royal families and Hollywood's most prominent stars. Zeev helps Nature heal people by projecting the bioenergetic force he receives on to the client.

The energy, the Life Force, passes from his hands to the client's energy field, in order to correct the imbalance causing the disease. Zeev once likened it to activating countless acupuncture points, as well as chakras, simultaneously.

The Secret of Healing documents many cases with letters from physicians and hospital records.

In a revealing moment, Zeev said to me, "The most powerful energy I have is love." The healings are real -- and so is his love.

ABSENT HEALING --Victoria Emory
Doctors at Mercy Hospital are talking about Zeev Kolman. Last May, Edward Abrams suffered serious multiple injuries in an accident. He was on a respirator and had a tracheotomy.

After having a healing treatment from Zeev, Ed came off the respirator. The next day he ate on his own. The following day they capped his tracheotomy. His bones healed much faster than his physicians had anticipated, and he proceeded to rehab.

What makes this case especially fascinating is that while Ed was on Long Island, Zeev never left Manhattan!

Zeev frequently works long distance, treating clients who are unable to visit him in person, often with dramatic results.

He gave my father an absent treatment just after his hip replacement surgery. We were all concerned about potential complications involving his pacemaker and scar tissue from previous operations.

When he got out of bed for the first time, the nurse told him he moved three times better than most patients at that stage. The speed of his recovery continued to impress the nurses and physicians. No complications arose at all, and just one week after returning home, he no longer needed so much as a cane!

After my father's experience, I spoke with Zeev about absent healings.

Is there any difference in effectiveness between an office visit and an absent healing session?

Zeev: It depends upon the individual. Many times clients in an office session are more in control, and are closed. Then the chakras are not completely open.

During absent healing, when we are a good radio receiver -- where will you be? (Zeev administers absent healing late at night and early in the morning, when clients are sleeping.)

In sleep the chakras are more open, or completely open, and then the body is a good radio station to receive the energy and send it to the correct places, as needed, automatically.

But when you are awake, the conscious mind sometimes creates statics. We give the body a lot of and negative information.

During sleep, the hand is open. The body is open. The chakras are open. This is another level, another dimension. In this state the body translates everything automatically.

I do a lot of work on children, and when they are sleeping they are the best receivers. When someone comes in with a child or a baby, I tell them to hold the child for a long time -- until they fall asleep -- and they receive more energy.

So physical distance does not present an obstacle?

Zeev: It doesn't matter where you are. You can be in Montreal or Paris. You can turn on a radio station from New Jersey when you're in New York and not hear the station. On the other hand, you could turn on a radio station from Monte Carol and hear music here. We understand that the station in Monte Carlo is at a very high level of frequency, and this is what is important.

You have healers who have energy that is strong and healers where the energy is stronger.

When you work in person, you see indications of physical and emotional blockages in the client's auric field. Does this happen when you work long distance?

Zeev: Of course. When I work long distance, I see an astral aura. I see the astral body. I see -- this is like a fog, like a -- I don't know the correct word in English.

When you work in person, toxins sometimes actually come out from the body, seeping through the skin or from on orifice. Does this happen when you work long distance?

Zeev: Yes. This happens in absent healing. Everything's the same.

Do absent clients report the same sensation of electricity or tiny feathers as they do when working with you in person?

Zeev: Some people feel electricity. Some people feel the body move in the bed. Sometimes the body jumps in the bed. Some people wake up. Some feel static. Some people don't feel anything - they go into a very deep sleep.

You always make an appointment for absent treatments, even if the client is in a coma. You tell someone close to them what time the healing will be administered.

Zeev: It's very good to know. They put it into the unconscious, and the body opens to receive the energy. To receive absent healing, it's good to want it also.

When you don't want, or when people make you a gift, many people receive absent healing as a gift, and sometimes they'll say, "Nonsense, I don't want it." But inside they believe and want it. So it's good to tell these people, "Tomorrow at 5 o'clock you will receive an absent healing." They put it in their unconscious. They wait to see what will happen. They give themselves to what will happen. Even people who are not conscious - it's enough to talk to them and tell them. ----to be continued---

Zeev asks clients requesting absent healings to provide: 1. their full name and address - if they are hospitalized, they can also provide the hospital address & room number. 2. date of birth. 3. the direction their head faces while asleep, if possible. 4. A photo of the client's face. Zeev's phone: 212-245-1715 -- fax: 212-265-8839

Group Healings: Every Friday from 3:00pm to 4:00pm. Cost $100.00.

Learn how to stop stress...

A WORKSHOP EXPERIENCE -- Jerry Mittelman, DDS, writing in The Holistic Dental Digest PLUS

At a workshop with Ze'ev, the man sitting next to me seemed to be anxious. He blinked his eyes.

I asked him what the problem was. He self-consciously whispered that he often gets painful carotid sinus headaches, and he felt one coming on.

He needed to go down the hall to his office in order to give himself a 'shot' for relief before it got too bad.

Just then, Ze'ev started to discuss how we might gather energy and treat ourselves with it.

That's just what this man did. He did what Ze'ev was teaching, and then he passed the energies on to his own head.

Amazing! A broad grin came over his face, and he smiled with relief. It was a wonderful sight to see!

Suggestion: Be sure to attend a Workshop, Lecture, or Group Healing to experience the Presence of Ze'ev Kolman's Bio-Energy yourself.

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