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Tips For Self Healing

5 Simple Steps For Self Healing, As Taught By Ze’ev Kolman In His Healing Workshops


1. Relax

Sit quietly. Meditate. Listen to your favorite music or repeat a mantra, a calming word or phrase.


2. Breathe

Inhale deeply. Hold your breath. Use your imagination to push the oxygen to all the organs of your body – including the heart, stomach, and legs. See the breath and oxygen swirl around your head and brain and go out the top of your head.


3. Connect With The Cosmic Energy

Sit with palms up. Imagine the cosmic energy entering your body as a brilliant light. Feel the energy in your palms as it accumulates. Take your time.


4. Work With Your Hands

Create an “imaginary” balloon of energy between your hands. Feel the energy. Continue to build up the energy with gentle in-and-out movements of the hands.


5. Build A Blue Shield

Transfer the energy from your hands into and around your body. Envelop the body with a protective cover of energy, to supply needed life force and to protect yourself from negative influences.


Do this every day, regularly, at the same time. Ze’ev performs such a meditation one full hour each morning. With practice, as you learn to build up the energy. you will not only be able to heal yourself more effectively, you will be able to transmit the healing energy to others. Attend one of Ze’ev’s workshops for more details and other healing techniques.